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Vicki Bamman

Lindsey Buis

Meagan Cass

Thea Chesley

Elizabeth Choquet Choat

Tom Clay

Job Conger

Jen Estes

Joshua Amos Graff

Lisa Higgs

Brian Jackson

dave kuykendall

Marcellus Leonard

Ethan Lewis

Hugh Moore

Lola Lucas

Pam Miller

Ted Morrissey, blog

Shannon O'Brien

David Pitchford

Nikkie Prosperini

Janice Robinson


Jennifer Snopko

Anita Stienstra, Poetry, Etc., blog, twitter

Joanna Beth Tweedy, blog

Other Links

Navigating The Maze Guidelines and info about SPW's annual teen poetry book

Poets, Painters and Performers Springfield Poets & Writers and Prairie Art Alliance collaboration

Writers and Colorcolorists Springfield Poets & Writers and Sangamon Watercolor Society

Adonis Designs Press Press that works in association with SPW to publish NTM

Illinois Poet Laureate Meet Illinois Poet Laureate Kevin Stein

U.S. Poet Laureate Meet U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera

Academy of American Poets National organization for poets & poetry. We love this site!

Poets and Writers National organization for poets and writers

Prairie Art Alliance Not-for-profit art galleries (H.D.Smith Gallery and Gallery II) & school

Illinois Times poetry Weekly poetry of Jackie Jackson

Prairieland Compassion Network - group of people interested in making Springfield a more compassionate city.