2024 LAF Artworks

Click the title of each artwork to view a larger photo (if available) or full image.

Shabana Arshad:
The Attributes of Allah

Writer: James Bockmier

Samra Aslam: From the Water

Delinda Chapman: Dokusan

Writer: Mark Russillo

Delinda Chapman:
Lineage Chart

Writers: John Briggs, Thea Chesley

Bernie White Hatcher:
Beyond Logic & Reason

Writers: Mark Buckholz, Thea Chesley

Bernie White Hatcher:
Rugged Icons

Monica Hoheimer: 

Writer: Stacey Van Bogaert

Mary Rowland:
Harmony, Peace, Love

Writer: Mark Russillo

Diane Schleyhahn:
Reawaken, Trust God!!!

Writers: Cynthia Holleran, Jen Holleran

Writer: Jesse Holleran

Mary Ellen Strack:
Emerging Energysm

Writers: Meredith Cargill, Judith Nichols

Mary Ellen Strack:
Heaven's Calling

Writer: Cindy Ladage

Mary Ellen Strack:
Midnight Garden

Writers: David M. Briggs, Thea Chesley,
Stacey Van Bogaert, Cynthia Young

Ian Winterbauer:
[Title Unknown]

Writer: Ian Winterbauer

Laurie Wohl: Soul's Journey

Writer: James Bockmier