2023 SWS Paintings

Aneita Gates:
Earth Mother

Aneita Gates: Summertime, Nipper Sanctuary

Aneita Gates: Things that go bump in the night

Writer: Joshua Graff

Angie Stille:
First Floral Foray

Angie Stille: Turning the Tide

Writers: Meredith Cargill, Alice Lyle

Angie Stille:
Violet Night

Carolyn Owen Sommer: Abstract Still Life

Writer: KAT Corrigan

Carolyn Owen Sommer: Still Life with China Bowls

Carolyn Owen Sommer: Two Vases, Delphiniums

Christine Neimann: Mary's Snapdragons

Christine Nieman: Country Road in Autumn

Cindy Bohl: Anita's Gift

Cindy Bohl:
Breath of Spring

Cindy Bohl:
Fading Beauty

Writer: Thea Chesley

Cindy Bohl: Morning at the Carillon

Writer: KAT Corrigan

Cookie Ferratier: Can You See Me

Writer: Liz Huck

Cookie Ferratier: On the Pond

Cookie Ferratier: Stud Muffin

Writer: Alice Lyle

Debbie Megginson: June Hollys

Writer: Michael DeHart

Debbie Megginson : Nipper Wildlife Morning (view from the dock)

Debbie Megginson: Tres Amigos

Writer: Cindy Ladage

Debbie Megginson: Wedding Day

Deborah Rigg: Hollyhocks

Deborah Rigg: Magnolias Under the Australian Sun

Deborah Rigg: Yellow Cannas at Pleasant Nursery

Deborah Rigg: Zinnia

Donald Landry: Garden Enchantment

Donald Landry: Summer Reflections

Writers: Cynthia Holleran, John Briggs, KAT Corrigan

Donald Landry:
The Rose Garden

Douglas Brackney: Ian

Douglas Brackney: Man

Elizabeth Trone: Cossack Princess (From black _ white photo by KYLE SHULTZ)

Writer: Meredith Cargill

Elizabeth Trone: Looking for Snacks

Elizabeth Trone: Western Honeybee

George Weers: Abstract Bouquet

George Weers: Down by the River Side

George Weers:
The Lady Ada

Writer: Mark Russillo

Gloria Mohr: 
On the Lookout

Writer: Mark Russillo

Gloria Mohr:
Tulip Field

Gloria Mohr: Walk in the Redwoods

Writer: Shatriya Smith

Jan Hill: Blue Eye Entitlement

Jan Hill: Mosaic in Purples and Yellows

Writer: Cynthia Young

Jan Hill: Toad

Writer: Thea Chesley

Jan Hill:
Tribute To Cookie of Brookfield Zoo

Writer: Michael DeHart

Joan Beeman: Beach Party

Joan Beeman: Cabin in New Salem

Joan Beeman: Ready for Fun

Joan Beeman: Snorkeling Surprise

Kate Worman-Becker:
A White Heron

Writer: James Bockmier

Kate Worman-Becker:
Basking Buddies

Writer: Thea Chesley

Kathy Winch: Alstromeria (Lily of the Incas)

Marsha Gordon: Brunette Beauty

Marsha Gordon: Hot Sky

Marcia McMahon Mastroddi: Leprechauns at Beltaney Circle, Ireland

Writer: Joshua Graff

Marcia McMahon Mastroddi:
Princess Diana Among the Stars

Marcia McMahon  Mastroddi:
Red Geranium New Harmony

Marcia McMahon Mastroddi:
Ursuline Memories

Michael Delaney: Blue Sky

Patty Bryant:
Poetic Justice

Paula Clark: Blaze

Paula Clark:
Jubilee Meadow

Paula Clark:
Moon Hare Frolic

Writers: James Bockmier, Cynthia Young

Priscilla Kluge: French Doors in Paris

Priscilla Kluge: 
Lily Trio

Writer: Alice Lyle

Priscilla Kluge: Peppermint Peony

Writer: Ben Belzer

Priscilla Kluge: Restoration

Writer: Ben Belzer

Rachel Neumann: Iris

Rachel Neumann: Lighthouse

Writer: Cynthia Holleran

Rachel Neumann: Utah Buttes

Robert Parrett: No Luck at the Track

Writer: Michael DeHart

Robert Parrett:

Robert Parrett: Study #1

Rosalinda Post-Lucas:
Bella Watching

Writer: Jennifer Holleran

Rosalinda Post-Lucas:
Rainbow Child

Writer: Joshua Graff

Rosalinda Post-Lucas:  
Sis_ki in Clover

Tom Handy:
Silent Spring

Writer: Mark Russillo

Vicky McCarty:
Blue Grass Festival